Opera 10.5 - Download Fastest Browser

Opera 10.5 - Download Fastest Browser

Opera new version of 10.5 comes with some cool features like private browsing, new JavaScript engine, along with improved security browsing. Opera already launched turbo version in it's previous edition. Turbo feature enables faster browsing on slow connections.


New Private Browsing is enabled in Browse without leaving any trace of the Web sites you have visited or other actions performed. Create both private tabs and private windows and plan that surprise vacation, without any worries.

Opera 10.5 Key Features

* Opera Turbo for fast browsing on slow connections
* Opera Unite
* Automated crash reporting
* Opera Mail
* Opera Dragonfly evolved
* Inline spell checker
* Mouse gestures
* Beautiful Windows integration (With the Aero Glass effect on Windows 7 and Vista, Opera 10.50 looks better than ever. Enjoy the best Windows 7 integration with Aero Peek, )
* Improved dialogs for better browsing

Download Opera 10.5