The Vesuvius volcano from helicopter view - Video

The Vesuvius volcano from helicopter view - VESUVIO

A unique experience
Mount Vesuvius, the worlds most dangerous volcano and also one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. It is located in a national park and the summit of the volcano is open to visitors that can reach the top of the mountain ( Gran Cono ) and observe the 300 meter deep crater. On a clear day the view from the top of the 1281 meters mountain shows everything from Capri island to Napoli. Definitely one should consider at least once in a lifetime to go the spiral walkway around the mountain just to enjoy the pleasure of this experience.

The Vesuvius is best known for the eruption of 79 that destroyed Pompei and Herculaneun. The two towns were completely destroyed but todays archaeological area provides one of the most detailed and impressive inside into Roman empire life, visited by millions of tourists.

How large the next eruption would be is the matter of researches and debates. However, even an ordinary person can guess the tragedy that this beautiful sleeping volcano can provoke just watching the densely populated area in the footsteps of the mountain. About 600 thousand people are living in the base of the volcano, the so called red Zone in the current evacuation plan. Other 1 million are calculated in the second emergency boundary, and the worst numbers show that a population of 3 million people living close to the area could risk in case of another strong "Plinian" eruption.