Bread Bonda

Bread Bonda
Ingredients :

1. Bread - 8slices.
2. Potatoes 4nos.
3. Mustard - 1tsp.
4. White gram dal(urud dal) - 1tsp.
5. Thinly sliced onion - 3nos.
6. Finely chopped ginger - 1tsp.
7. Finely chopped green chilly - 6nos.
8. Curry leaves - 1sprig.
9. Salt - to taste.
10. Turmeric powder - a pinch.
11. Oil to fry.

Method :

Steam the potatoes. Peel the skin and smash it. Heat 2dsp of oil in a pan and season the 3rd ingredients. Add the 4th ingredients in it and sauté well. When the onion becomes reddish brown, add the potatoes, salt and turmeric powder. Mix well and remove from fire. Make small balls with it.