do u want your website among top ten in the search results??

do u want your website among top ten in the search results??

Six Steps to search engine optimization

1)Understanding the Scope of the Project
2)Initial Analysis and Reports
3)Building an Initial Strategy to define the Scope
4)On-site Optimizing
5)Make sure gradual increase in the BLs
6) Monitoring and Tweaking

Understanding the Scope of the Project:

Collect the answers for the following questions:
1. What is the overall motivation for optimizing this site, the time-frame and the budget?
2. The site history: Launch + Hosting + DNS changes - if any - + Past SEO efforts - if any - + web stats for a certain period of time.
3. Suggestions on target volume/visitors, target SEs, List of Competitors and Keywords. Activities happening in site (e-marketing + online ads/email campaigns etc. + link building campaigns + local ads + newspaper ads + online reputation - awards/organizer/roles in the industry)
4. Available resources (content pages/content writers + articles + newsletters/press releases, Designers/Designs).

Initial Analysis and Reports:
Create an Initial Report on the existing site, describing, where it stands currently, what all are the strength and weakness. Where it includes technical Details + Initial KW analysis + Initial Competitors Analysis + Initial Site Analysis + Web site Details Check List + Page Element Details + Initial BackLink Analysis.

Building an Initial Strategy to define the Scope:
Then (for an existing site) do a thorough study on Web Stats and do a detailed KW analysis (if required) | finalizing the KWs (Primary and Secondary). After an inter-team discussions with Designers/developers + Content Writers + E-Marketing and other related – if any- build an Initial Strategy report, defining the scope. According to the Scope defined, divide the tasks per time and set the benchmarks.

On-site Optimizing:
This step involves the actual optimization of web pages; the pages will be optimized with regards to tags, link structures, images, body text, and other visible and invisible parts. Regards to the technology it used, fixing the technical bugs in the Internal Linking, page elements and creating supporting components like sitemap, footer links, RSS feeds etc. If required adding CSS and re-define the components and make sure the use of suggested elements like headings, bold etc. These steps will be defined in the Project Scope and completed according to the time line we fixed.

Make sure gradual increase in the BLs:
I did lot of Reciprocal Link campaigns in the year of 2003-04 and after that, frankly, my experience not much than normal directory submissions and tactics to build one-way links. I do try to find out other ways to get one-way links more through other tactics like RSS feeds and Press releases. Directing the e-marketing team/content-writers to build the content-rich pages and how to distribute to the Web, including press releases and RSS feeds, making sure the SEO benefits out from that. Analysis on competitors BLs and developed some relevant links from the sites which are links to them is a proven method of building links too. But there was no time based Link-Building I involved, since it’s too time consuming and less return on the time investing there.

Monitoring and Tweaking:
This mainly contains web analytics and SERP monitoring, continuous fine-tuning of the website based on traffic trends and ranking trends. There will be some changes in the Strategies, keeping within the scope, to make sure moving in the right path.
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