Health tip for gain weight

Health tip for gain weight

Buffet Eating

If you want to gain weight, visit a buffet at least once a week as a way to entice yourself to eat more calories.

Go when you have plenty of time, and don't go with someone who is trying to lose weight


Eat More Often

To gain weight, try eating 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

Evaluate what you're eating now, add 10-20% calories, and then plan what and when you are going to eat--5 times a day.


Eat Oil

A good way to add extra calories is to sprinkle some olive oil on your food.

Olive oil does not clog your arteries the way butter and other saturated fats do.


Eat Some Nuts

Carry around some nuts and dried fruits for snacking.

They are nutritious as well as calorie dense.


Eat and Exercise

To gain weight, you should both eat more and do weight training, so you will gain muscle and not fat.

Do enough cardio work to maintain health and participate in sports you enjoy, but don´t do any extra as it can work against weight gain .


Effects of Smoking

If you have trouble gaining weight, smoking will make it even harder for you.

There's another reason to quit


Get Enough Rest

You need your rest to grow your muscles.

If you don´t get enough rest, you may not metabolize your food effectively.

Growth hormone is released while you sleep